Beauty arrives at birth but will not maintain itself. For example, the air-con in your room will not continue to cool without the proper care, the same applies to your beauty.

Using only free-handed techniques, with no surgery, no aesthetic, no pills and no medicine, SLIM SOLVEWEAR offers you the opportunity to restore and enhance your natural beauty by returning your beauty alignment to its natural position such as facial realignment, reduction and removal of wrinkles.application essay editing


essay writing serviceAll women make sacrifices for their child. During and after your pregnancy, your natural beauty is lost for various reasons. SLIM SOLVEWEAR can help you restore your natural beauty to its previous state or even greater than before.

After delivery, hips tend to look wider partly due to the expansion of the pelvis during child birth, again this can be restored to its natural state using our techniques and methods, the same restructuring techniques apply to the abdominal area.

Also, can common back pain during pregnancy be avoided? If you’re planning to have a child, through proper maintenance, back pain is completely application essay editing services

Your Physician

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Engineer to Physician, Master David Tan specializes in chiropractic, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicinal massage and the associate to Zhang Fu Yuan, Asia’s No.1 Beauty Physician.

Master David Tan is well known for his miraculous healing hands, he has treated many people during his career, including famous people like Robert Kiyosaki, the author of best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Who Is It For?

“Affordable Luxury For Radical Change”

If you’re a woman eager to look her best, be it bigger eyes, sharper jaw line, or smaller hips, then this Quantum Leap program is definitely for you.

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